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and welcome to the special edition of abc-7 news. i'm alan wang. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. some livermore residents are having to buy appliances after a power surge caused by a pg&e contractor caused a surge. this week a contractor was replacing a 12,000-volt line with a 21,000-volt line in the transformer. suddenly a power surge raced down hudson way, blowing out almost all the applianceness the homes. >> the fridge. the stove. tv. stereo. electric toothbrush, fan, heating pad, that kind of stuff. >> ama: pg&e told us the contractor forgot to flip a switch to enable the transformer to accept increased power. residents must buy the loanses and then bill the contractor. >> alan: a corroded pipe might be to plame for chevron's mass fifth fire at the refinely in richmond. federal inspectors called it one of the most serious u.s. refinery incidents in recent years. chevron inspected that same section of pipe in december. this comes as ripped residents want to know if more could have been done to prevent the fire. >> why would that pipe corrode like that? how could that not be monitored? >> pa
line. it is 56 out the door and low 50s for those in san jose and livermore. it could get toasty for fairfield. it will be mild to warm tomorrow and temperatures will decline over the weekend. so we do have changes to talk about. 50s-60s out the door. and as we take them into the afternoon, a bit warmer than yesterday and plenty of sunshine. and 79 in st. claire and 88 for concord. and 76 in castro. 66 in daily city. subtile changes in the temperatures, but thursday evening, the fog will role in and the marine layer will deepen and it looks like we will continue with that mild weather pattern next week. it is an easy ride out there. the bay bridge is moving slowly. if you are heading down to the san mateo bridge, no problems and no wait at the toll. just a liting fog little fog at the golden bridge. and we are seeing all green for those of you coming past highway 37. and public transit looks good to go. justine? >> thank you. there was a hero's welcome for a runner up for the little league team. they are going to be honored with a parade on sunday at 1:00. and livermore has been
center. temperatures from 59 to san mateo to 78 in livermore. we will hold on to the heat as we look to tuesday with 80s by the noon hour. we will talk about cooling in the seven-day forecast. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our sciencteacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ is . >>> the fight off the battlefield can be just as treacherous. two sides among soldiers reached epidemic proportions. tonight our investigative unit uncovers another growing problem. the number of vetsening up behind bars. we have the details. >> we're discovered that returning soldiers around iraq and afghanistan are ending up in jails and prison in increasing numbers. experts say 30% of the returning veterans battle mental illness and addiction with little h
. coffee inland temperatures are above 50 degrees warmer. well over 100 in livermore and fairfield. as we go into the afternoon look for sunshine and more hot weather inland. >> everyone is inside at the festival. >>vicki: gas prices have been affected by the chevron refinery fire. the average price is up $4.70. an increase of 155 in the last week. in oakland, $4 even. if you are looking for the cheapest prices in the area grant lodes tells us how to find them. >> our gas price locator is helping people find the cheapest gaster of the bay area. the darkest read indicates the most expensive gas. the orange and yellow indicates a cheaper gas. click this button to zoom in. you can see actual prices throughout the bay area. >>grant: here are the cheapest set up base stations. this gas price locator is agreed to also help you navigate these tough times and hopefully save some money at the pont. >>vicki: the mighty mississippi is not some mighty these days. the weather in shrinking one of the world's greatest waterways. >> the weather was hot in the east bay inland valleys. must be nice, cheeri
temperatures this afternoon, 76 and there are low 90s this afternoon in livermore and fairfield. coast like pacifica is only 57. there is what it looks like from satellite perspective. low clouds and fog in and over parts of the bay. there is fog and low clouds aconsiders the bridge into hayward moved across the bay bridge and there is a deeper marine layer tonight. numbers now 95 in antioch. 55 in half moon bay. inland areas did come up a few degrees. there are low clouds and fog heading inland tonight. there is a look at the slightly warmer weather. here is a look at our animation. notice out towards delta here there is livermore may escape gray skies but most of the bay area with gray skies. looking at water vapor you'll see what is causing a cool down. there is a trouf that will bring us into a cooler pattern. this is temperatures with a couple degrees you'll see here in just a moment. highs for south bay, tuesday, 78 in san jose. there is 74 in palo alto. starting out gray and remaining gray there is downtown san francisco, 65. north bay, 82 in santa rosa. inland areas nice pattern. mi
. >>> will be answering that in good time. 86 degrees in santa rosa, 1 04 in fairfield, it got up to 1 05 in livermore, at the pinnacles near hollister the pinnacles of up to 110 today. 97 at concord, livermore still at 1 01. were looking for things to continue to be warm for tomorrow, high pressure over the west coast will stay there will cover exactly how warm when the de whether it en if you. >>> new details on the firemen at the chevron refinery in richmond, federal investigators question whether pipe corrosion play a factor. new finding shed light on the cause of the incident has thousands filing claims. anne mackovic shows us why megan's work comes under scrutiny. >>> this incident highlights the hazards of performing maintenance on a unit like this one >>> the firemen at the chevron refinery monday sent hundreds of people to the hospital and filed claims against the company. >>> smoke came over my house i was rushed to the hospital >>> more long lines at the client center today and anger toward chevron if >>> they have been lying and covering up for years >>> corrosion could be a factor after a
cooler than average now only livermore is warmer at 88, napa, san jose, oakland, santa rosa, redwood city more indicative watch is going to happen around the bay today and more so tomorrow and sunday the two coolest days in the forecast. sea breeze touching richmond, berkeley and oakland, 60s there low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shore. millbrae 68, low to mid 70s peninsula. pockets of sun, 60s coast, sunset 61 mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. monterey bay 66 more sunshine than yesterday santa cruz 70 low to mid 80s inland. america's cup world series continues today the bay will be rocking more than yesterday with 15 to 25 knot winds temperature around mid 50s to 60° in the afternoon we have a game at at&t park giants go for fifth game this is kind of a playoff preview. 7:05 first pitch, 59 dropping to 567. happy birthday sunnyvale, 100 years this weekend the parade begins tomorrow mostly cloudy sky 67, the dance begins under sun and 69 at 7:00 in the evening. one last look up to the sierra wanted to show you how quiet it will be sunshine mid to upper
bay valley areas. antioch, 95. livermore, 97. 92, concord. you can see a little heat relief. oakland, 68. 79 in san jose. temperatures down from this time yesterday. down seven degrees in anter, six in livermore, five in san rafael, san francisco, down two, and down nine in san jose. i want to show you quickly live doppler 7hd. it is the westerly wind component that is helping to push a little more of the low cloudiness and fog through the gap, out towards the bay, and all of this is on the increase the next couple of days. so those in the east bay, temperatures today, still hot, near 100 degrees. wait two days and you're going to be back down into the low 90s. the forecast is coming up. >> ama: a brazen daytime shooting in west oakland this afternoon caused a car crash and left two people wounded. at the intersection of 12th 12th street and mandela parkway. police say someone opened fire on this car white was in motion. the driver was shot several times and crashed into a tree nearby. a passenger in the car was also hit. both are hospitalized but there's no word on their conditions.
triple digit heat inland. 101 in fairfield and antioch and livermore. these numbers are higher than where you were today. 99 degrees in concord and 99 in morgan hill. san jose up to 91. 92 in san rafael. triple digits in cloverdale, clear lake. if you don't like it that hot, you always have a place to go. san francisco 73. 66 in half moon bay. 81 oakland, 82 san mateo. 87 in palo alto. spare the air for your thursday as i mentioned, poor air quality in the inland east bay, moderate air quality. santa clara valley and good air quality elsewhere. i'll be back to let you know how long you will be simmering in the triple-digit heat, carolyn, and it will be days. >> thank you, sandhya. >>> chevron's massive refinery fire in richmond has people in surrounding cities taking action. thousands of -- have filed legal claims based on air quality concerns. even though they say it never reached unsafe levels. lestly brinkly is live from the refinery where chevron is talking compensation as well. leslie? >> well, they sure are. i am standing outside the main gate of the chevron refinery. chevron came o
between livermore and castro valley. there could be some road work here. for the most part it has been picked up. no major problems. and the traffic continues to move along very nicely. if you are driving on 880 southbound it's a nice looking drive. across the bay 101 looks good if you are going to the san francisco airport. 101 is is a good one to use. 4:45 let's go to steve. >>> more fog today. it's a little higher. along the coast it was right by the coast and didn't do much inland. it started to make a push inland. tropical clouds reigned down into las vegas. for us high pressure continues to mainly spin in the middle of the country. there is really only subtle changes. cool by the coast. hot to some inland. warm for others. west, southwest 20 at fairfield. south, southwest at napa. southwest 8 at vacaville. if they get a sea breeze that tells you that is a good push being made. santa rosa 61 degrees. skies are clear for some. fog for others. big full moon out there. the tropical clouds very close. i don't think it will make it to tahoe or truckee. for us fog, sun. there is a littl
-spread mid to upper 50s. livermore, concorde and san jose. santa rosa and napa are warmer. 57 degrees napa. 56 santa rosa. a trough off the coast will bring us a cool down. onshore breeze kicking in. happened last night. this morning most of us a few degrees cooler than where we started yesterday morning. clouds inland. livermore, concorde we have gray skys. mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. cool day at the coast. sunny, mild and breezy around the bay. mostly sunny, mild to warm conditions expected inland. we'll be mild in many cases. 74 santa rosa. 72 san rafael. upper 70s to 80 degrees inland. 80 livermore. 81 antioch. 73 san jose. 74 saratoga. 72 sunny dale. 61 in the city. 59 and mostly cloudy skies in pacifica. extended forecast already warmer tomorrow. look at sunday into the weekend. temperatures bounce back to the seasonal average. upper 80s to 90 degrees. subtle changes on tuesday. if you are heading to the beaches for the weekend there is an advisory to talk about coming up. >> thank you. >>> this morning firefighters are making progress on a wildfire burning. it is burning nea
in livermore. 37 degrees in concord it right now. mid-90s expected inland. keeping " with some patchy fog right toward the coast. right now let's check with roads >>> right now we just have overnight roadwork going on. claims are blocked between 237 stevens creek parade you can see it is looking pretty to the crossing spend as you head into san francisco. and no delays on the nimitz. yesterday at this time, and we had of traffic alert, and that the like this everything is quiet setting up thru the altamont pass and livermore. and a quick look at mass- transit, buits reporting of delays. >>> de plante heat on a sprained ankle or ice? >>> i don't like to fill like i am a criminal >>> she got slapped with a $6,000 citation, where one woman was walking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a plane landed safely in denver international airport after hitting a bird. the boeing was on its way to denver from dallas when the strike happened. none of the passengers were hurt. the plane was taken out of service to be inspected for repairs. >>> authorities are investigating another a report of a sewing needle in and air swi
and this traffic continues to look very nice on the way into san francisco. livermore, castro valley, 680 danville down to san ramon that is a nice start to the commute if you are driving on the san mateo bridge we are off to a decent start. the fog is not really super low so you can actually see pretty well where you are driving. 5:07 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. that is correct. it has lifted a little bit. yesterday it was down on the deck. inland temps will still be warm to hot. coast bay and north bay south bay are in the warm category. not so much the hot. unless you think over 75 is too hot. west, southwest 17 travis. that keeps going down. that is another sure sign temperatures inland will be on the hot side for those toward eastern solano. 50s santa rosa. 59 livermore. everyone is in the 50s. low, to mid, to upper. clouds in las vegas producing rain. for us staying out of the area right now. along the coast making a little push on the bay stronger on shore westerly breeze trying to establish itself runs into a lot of resistance. sunny for most but the fog will be rather persisten
it right this on the front page, that is >>> in other overnight news north livermore is still closed after a fatal motorcycle accident. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty joins us with more on when that road might reopen, tara? >> reporter: well, that is a good question, the tow truck just arrived and they will get ready, the body was taken into the alameda sheriff's office coroner's van but joining me is keith grave with the livermore police to explain exactly what happened again a fatal motorcycle crash. >> yes, this morning at 12:30 one of our officers was on patrol driving down the boulevard and came to a motorcycle standing in the roadway. we tried life saving efforts but unfortunately he died. we saw he was driving at a high rate of speed negotiated a curve and collided with a wall. we did find a witness who said he had passed her at a high rate of speed just prior to the collision. >> reporter: do we know when this road will reopen. thank you very much. just a reminder, you don't have any protection and you are vulnerable and you can take extra precautions and be
, around the bay. 87 in fairfield. 87 concord. 89 in livermore. they are not mid-90s, not like last week. milderring weather. -- milder weather pattern. the high clouds, they have moved to the east now. and we are fortunate we didn't have lightning strikes in the bay area because we have seen what it has done in northern california. so those tropical storms are out of the area. fog in the morning. over night lows, 52 santa rosa. 56 concord. tonight, it is a classic summer's eve. you will have the fog and low clouds. kind of more of the same, what you would expect. the forecast for the fog and the clouds, morning hours, push nothingland. weather system stays to -- inland. weather system stays to the north. the main mechanism for the cool off and helping firefighters out in northern california. that is good news. still hot around the ponderosa fire. temperatures will continue to kind of level off in a mild pattern. microclimates tomorrow, you will see what i am talking about, nothing extreme. 70s, low 80s concord. livermore valley. mid-80s. upper 80s. low 90s. a break from the heat. when i
livermore homes that were fried by a power surge last week. a contractor's mistake sent too much electricity ripping through 28 homes on hudson way. livermore residents have to spend all kinds of money and bill the contractor to get reimbursed for repairs. >> the fridge, the stove, tv, stereo, electric toothbrush, fans, heating pad. >> reporter: those things went poof when a power surge sent twice the voltage to 28 homes in livermore. a pg&e contractor hotline was switching service from 12,000 volts to 21 when the extra voltage went to homes all smart meters were replaced. she took us through her home showing the things she has to replace. luckily her air conditioner was repaired, but nothing else. >> at this point i haven't replaced anything because i wasn't sure how they were going to reimburse. i haven't heard from anyone. >> reporter: across the street a neighbor piled up items minus her washer and dryer which were toasted by the surge. the only thing she has replaced is her washer. >> i've got my washing machine replaced i have to wait a week for my dryer. my credit card is maxed to the
appliances in about two dozen livermore homes that were fried by a power surge last week. a contractor's mistake sent way too much electricity ripping through 18 homes on hudson way. tomas ramon talked with livermore residents who suddenly to have spend all kinds of money and then bill the contractor to get reimburse today are repairs. >> the fridge, the stove, the tv stereo, electric toothbrush, fan that kind of stuff. >> those things went poof when a power surge sent twice the voltage to the homes in livermore. a pg&e contractor hot line was switching service from 12,000 volts to 21,000 volts. all smartmeters were replaced. this one shows the charring from the surge. she showed us the things she has to get replaced and get life back to normal. >> at this point i haven't replaced it because i wasn't thur sure how they are going to reimburse. i haven't heard from anyone. >> across the street, they piled up all the items that were toasted by the surge. the only thing she has raced so far is the washer. >> i got my washer machine replaced. i have to wait a week for my drier. my credit ca
county beginning to push eastward to hayward and livermore. we'll have the clouds. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. then by midday. we'll be looking at numbers close to 80 degrees in our inland valleys. it's going to be another warm one but we're talking about taking a little edge off the heat. i'll tell you when in a couple minutes. >> carolyn: breaking news in san ramon where four lanes are closed southbound after a three-car crash that killed two people. it happened an one-third this morning crow canyon road east exit. chp says a car veered into the construction zone and slammed into a work truck. no workers were involved but gasoline spilled and one of the cashes caught fire with the victims trapped inside. highway patrol shut down the freeway. one lane has since reopened but there is no estimate on when the other lanes will. investigators are waiting for daylight to get aerial photographs so you can expect delays on 6780 through san ramon for a couple hours. we'll keep you updated as the situation changes. >>> pg&e says it will pay to replace appliances in two dozen livermore homes t
currently 55 in pacifica is not so bad but 99 in livermore and fairfield. mid-80s from san rafael into santa rosa. the air quality takes a big hit, for the third consecutive day it is a spare the air day for a saturday which is unusual because usually there are not so many peoples on the roadways. we need to do our part to make sure the air quality is decent for the weekend because the heat wave will continue through sunday. a cooling trend later in the forecast >> the son of to silicon valley judges was killed in afghanistan. marine captain mark new can enjoy and sure graduated from st. francis high school in mountain view. he was a star football player, his father, a santa cruz county judge and his mom is a state appellate court justice. that was part of a special operations battalion. we're waiting to hear if he is one of the three u.s. marines shot and killed in afghanistan by a gunman in an afghan police uniform. had shared in morning meal with a man. the defense department confirms the troops were for special operations who were training afghan police officers. this is the third time t
and you can see traffic is starting to load up westbound 580 as you head into livermore and the same goes for highway 43 antioch. here is lawrence. >> getting hot around the bay area today, high pressure really building in. fairly mild beginning to the day, temperatures in the '50s and '60s although santa rosa is at 47 degrees to start out but not for long. yesterday we had hot numbers as high as 98 in livermore. 102 degrees in livermore, 90 degrees in concord, 71 in san francisco with night sunshine. >> chevron says it is bringing help directly to richmond for those who are suffering from monday's refinery fire. >> emergency dispatchers might need a little bit of help with calls. the first call for help got quite a confused response >> which is very unfortunate when you consider copper cost the county has four oil refineries so this should be something dispatchers are well trained at but take a listen to the phone call, one of the 911 calls for monday night >> we have a fire in processing unit for crude >> i don't know what that means >> we need first level response from you guys >> what
get fog over there but that will help but it will not get there. 60 degrees at livermore 62 in san jose by the afternoon temperatures cooler but still hot inland, one hundred degrees in livermore. 63 at pacific up. right now check out roads with elisabeth >>> towards the bay bridge they cleared that stall on the upper deck, the usual kim you know measuring light send big delays outer lanes busy but no issues. if your headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza and the macarthur maze we get word of an accident westbound 80 approaching powell street in emeryville. one line block. we do not see slowing yet. i'll let you know if that is a bigger problem a live look across the golden gate bridge. you can see the thought coming into san francisco. we have slowing still on highway 4 the picked up the road work, now usual bottle necks throughout antioch. to the south bay downtown san as a spots look ok. that is traffic back to you. >>> investigators busy following a deadly de in san jose look at to shootings when federal, as well as a deadly stabbing involving a samurai sword. police are tryi
mainly in the fifties. 57 in concord, 58 in livermore. rest of the holiday weekend things will feel cooler today and then finally warm-up by sunday. we will show you a look at your 7 day forecast in just a minute >> mitt romney and paul ryan hit the presidential campaign trail again today now that the convention is over >> susan mcinnis joins us live from tampa with more on the final night. >> the reviews are coming in about romney speech are very strong and they think he really delivered for the party and republicans. what is not getting reviews is what is being called a long winded speech by clint eastwood. mitt romney got a standing ovation as he entered the convention hall for the big speech of his life. >> i am proud to introduce to you if the next president of the united states of america, mitt romney >> he wasted little time making it official. >> i accept nomination for president of united states >> he focused on his life including an emotional not to his parents >> my mom and dad were true partners, a life lesson that shaped me by everyday example. when my mom ran for the s
. a little cooling. it was still hot in livermore. temperature down 5 to 8 degrees and here's a look at our wednesday forecast. even a little bit cooler. we'll have details on what this means in our seven-day forecast coming up. >>> more than 50 wildfires are ripping through the western u.s. and some of the worst right here in california. i want to show you a wildfire north of san diego burning in riverside county. flames damaged three structures, burned more than 125 acres and forced some evacuations. so far luckily, no one has been reported injured. closer to home north of santa rosa, wildfires have torched more than 7,000 acres. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the fires near the town of clear lake. along with the help of more than a dozen airplanes and helicopters, plus bulldozers. shifting winds, the main concern today. but firefighters did manage to keep the fire from moving south. >>> the dmv could be getting a computer upgrade. this after computers at almost every office in the state went down for about four hours today. customers had to reschedule appointments except for t
. in livermore, youngsters got a chance to cool off a little bit at a downtown fountain that was made with kids in mind. it's the third day in a row temperatures have soared above 100 degrees in livermore, where the mercury today topped out at 105 degrees. today was also the third spare the air day for the bay area, but there is no air advisory called for tomorrow. >>> not quite as hot in the south bay, but still pretty warm. temperatures in san jose today peaked at 89 degrees. right now, it's cooled down a little bit, 82 as we look at a live picture of san jose. coming up in 8 minutes, mark will tell us how long this heat sticks around, in his complete bay area forecast. >>> a wildfire in plumas fire has grown to more than 30,000 acres. it started two weeks ago, being fueled by high temperatures and gusty winds. the contra kosta county fire protection district today said it's sending crews north to help in that fire fight. >>> also today, drivers there were warned there may be restrictions on highway 70 in the feather river canyon due to smoky conditions. >>> i think the democrats will be happ
. these kids took advantage of the poub fountain in do you want livermore this evening. while these women in danville rely on good old fashion oned ice cream. >> sometimes it gets old. look forward to the summer but really hot summer aren't too enjoy be a. nice like 85 is good but this 102 i think it is right now is pushing it. >>reporter: about cal ice says one way to contribute over the next three days is to set the thermostat to 78 degrees. in danville, abc 7 news. >>> thank you. we broke one husz in several inland areas today. sandy how long is this intense heat going to last. >> long time larry. at least for a few more days. show you the inland heat today. places inland roasting. 103 livermor livermore. 102 fairfield. triple digit concord antioch. 103 clover dale. santa rosa pretty hot 95. 93 san rafael. 90 san jose. 101 south of there in morgan hill. if you really didn't like the heat all you had to do was move towards the coast. you can see the drastic difference. 68 san francisco. 60 half moon bay. 80 in santa cruz. 78 degrees in oakland so 60 in half moon bay.
68 degrees in san francisco a vehicle with an average but warmer and livermore about 90 and 87 degrees in concord we have cooler days on the way with more coming up in a bit. >>> monitor road and san jose once again reopened the stretch and and it's a blossom hill over past close for the past two days to help build a pedestrian bridge over railroad tracks. more on the story coming up. getting a check of mobile 5 this is the transit camera this morning getting off of the bay bridge in the upper deck. everything so far flowing nicely this morning across the span. and they bridge toll plaza we have some delays no stacking up in the outer lanes. fast track users still no delay but cash users still have slight delays towards the middle of the lot with no metering lights yet. getting a check of the south bay so far no major problems this morning coming up one a 1 or 280 free and clear art of san jose. and the fog once again the story across the golden gate the fog advisory this morning into san francisco. >>> and campaign 2012 mitt romney and paul reiner try to distance themselves
of sunshine. but not as hot as yesterday but still upper 90s towards livermore and fairfield. concord 91 degrees. san francisco 61. here is what is happening, warm air, hot air above, dense fog near the coast line tonight and into tomorrow morning. speaking of tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 50s to the mid-60s. livermore 65 degrees. oakland 56. partly cloudy skies. coastal fog and hot temperatures inland for tomorrow afternoon but a cooling trend, coming up when you will notice the change. >> thank you. >>> investigators looking into the chevron refinery fire may be able to enter the unit tomorrow. chevron says workers were repairing a leak when it released a vapor cloud sparking the fire. there is a chance investigators could get a look that pipe tomorrow if the area is deemed safe. >>> remembering a teen killed in a jet ski accident in hawaii. >> no relief for firefighters and residents in one community as a wildfire burns dangerous close to home. >> an experience designed to feel like a real three-alarm fire. . >>> a water main break last night sent water through a neighborhood
it was 65 today is 65 1/2 monday to one of three livermore now the day that will pan out to be the ,,,,,, ministry in livermore and still more kids coming this way the slide is are whether camera looking out toward the bay bridge where we currently have clear skies their livermore's still at 75 that seventy in met with city mid-60s and says say it slow cool down to ninth this is not your typical offshore flow. high pressure is well over the four corners that's why we're having a state why he waved and basically the interior valleys in lind's 109 fresno for friday one of four sacramento down from one awaits today and 90s on the south and north shore one of three assembly with a slight chance of a thunderstorm but bobby and monterey until the afternoon and former fog that well and did the bed in fact dance fog tomorrow morning for the commutes over the san mateo coastline visibility down to a court of a mile of the bill which treats high tempters inland in a slow recovery is far as our temperatures are concerned biddies for a net lows marla looks like another spare the air
will be gaining its control over our area today. san jose, concord, livermore, 10-12-degree warm up over yesterday at this hour. holding on to 89 degrees in fairfield. 88 livermore. 86 concord. the summerlike nights are coming back inland. meanwhile, oakland 74 degrees. 66 san francisco. a good looking afternoon as we settle in to sunset. after 8:00 p.m., mostly clear skies. the ridge of high pressure building our way. that will shrink the marine layer. it will be along the coast line, pampy elsewhere -- patchy elsewhere. inland, near 100 degrees by wednesday, thursday. for tomorrow, we will warm up over what we felt today. the coast 60s and we are looking at 70s and 80s around the bay. hottest spots around 90 degrees. tomorrow morning, like where we were this morning, 54 in napa. 56 concord. 50s fairfield. antioch. south bay, 57 for you. and again, we will begin with patchy fog over parts of the north bay, east bay and hugging long the coast line. sunny skies tomorrow, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow 81 san raff el. goinggoing to be 81 san rafael. 92 livermore. 88 morgan hill. 80 sunnyvale and the pen
of us in the 50s, santa rosa 49 at 7:00, antioch, livermore, 62. clouds will try to spill across san francisco like yesterday. by noon back to the coast, plenty of sun developing low to upper 60s half moon bay into san francisco, low to upper 70s around the bay, 80s to near 90 for lunchtime. 90s 4:00, inland valleys. upper 80s south bay, a lot of 70s to mid 80s around the bay. 64 at half moon bay head to the coast for comfort, 60s there into san francisco, 70s, maybe 81 fremont at 7:00, 80s and still 90s holding on inland at 7:00. next three days 100, tomorrow and saturday could have another spare the air with poor air quality. upper 80s around the bay, warmest along the coast, mid 60s. time for traffic and sue hall. >>> good morning. a couple of things at this early hour. northbound 85 near stevens creek, accident cleared to the right you can see traffic at the limit past the scene. elsewhere 101 northbound at will stkhroe on the off-ramp, blocking that temporarily until they get that cleared. we've been reporting the power pole down at 81st and did street in east oakland. that inte
. we will talk about that but right now temperatures that are on the mild side. livermore 85 right now. 86 concord. those temperatures down a good five to ten degrees over where they were yesterday. more fog, cooler daytime highs and that's in to the weekend. just mildler. high clouds start to filter in tonight and tomorrow. they could bring in a chance of thunderstorms to the north and east of us. that's a real concern this time of year. just because it's dry and some of the higher terrain. the current majeure showing some of that moisture and what we look at how much water. i can tell you right now in santa barbara -- it's sending thunderstorms. going on in the kirkwood area. that is the moisture headed our way. as we go in to the bay area weekend, today was nice, little bit cooler but in to the weekend, this moisture will guess flung up by the high pressure. just east we will have activity, potential for it and move through the livermore valley, mount hamilton. a dry lightning strike you have problems. that is where we assistant. that's why the fire weather concerns, elevated fire
is producing fog at this hour and 60s. inland it is hot. 93 in livermore. that hot weather has increased the allergy forecast. we'll talk about cooler changes and what it could mean for that pollen in just a few minutes. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> a santa clara woman is furious tonight after her dog was shot and injured after a police standoff with a parolee. police say about 4:00 this morning joshua james benson, who's on parole for attempted murder, was reported as the suspect in a domestic disturbance. homeowner tamra pruitt says benson broke into her house while she was sleeping because he knows her son. police locked down the
clouds. and livermore again tomorrow. as we head through the afternoon just like we saw today, maybe more sun out here on the coast. temperatures, though, ranging from the 60s here to 70s and 80s inland. tonight we'll see the low clouds come misting back in. high temperatures tomorrow, well, as you get towards gillroy close to 90 degrees. that's the exception to the rule. mostly 70s and 80s inland. 80 degrees in livermore. should see the numbers in the 70s and low 80s. so it's looking fairly cool. especially toward the mid part of the week. cool temperatures and then eventually towards next weekend, that's when the 90s are coming back. looks like we'll see the warmest days of the week. i think the warmest days next saturday and sunday. we'll see the 90s coming back. >> that sounds nice and pleasant. the kids are back at school. >> it's nice. >> thank you very much, rob. we will be right back with how one woman is trying to swim from cuba all the way to florida. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these.
. temperatures 64 in napa, 71 in santa rosa, low 60s san francisco and oakland. inland areas 77 livermore, 70 for san jose. our numbers today a lot like yesterday. we're going to see a cooldown. it will come as early as tomorrow. for today little change in the forecast. the radar, this is the trough here that's migrating closer to the coast bringing us the cooldown, bringing that fire weather watch for northeast corner of california. it will also include lake tahoe. for us at home cloudy and cool at the coast, inland areas sunny and warm, but right where we should for this time of year we're not going to be extremely hot. upper 80s, low 90s at best. by tomorrow cooler, breezier, the marine layer is going to be deepening tonight into tomorrow as well. so enjoy today. we have 81 in novato, 77 san rafael, 67 richmond and sausalito. to the east bay, numbers in the mid- to upper 60s for the east bay areas, 68 for san leandro, 68 hayward, east bay hills warm in livermore 86, 89 degrees for antioch. 78 for san jose, 85 morgan hill, 77 santa clara. 75 redwood city, 70 in san mateo. partly cloudy skie
. it is going to be a nice summer evening in some areas. livermore still 81 degrees. 79 in concord around the bay. 70 degrees oakland. mid 60s in san francisco over the north bay still holding on to the 70ings, 78 in napa, 76 santa rose sa with a light breeze at this time. as we move through the evening hours the winds will begin to die down. the specific satellite view the trough that brought us that very cool weather has actually nudged a little to the north that high pressure that is building our way, that will be the trend for a few days. so for tomorrow a lot like today. we're talking 90s for some of our warmer spots inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. we'll see 60s at the coast, wake up with a little bit of pesky fog out there but the marine layer looks shallow. 561 degrees tomorrow morning, 55 in oakland, 55 redwood city. 55 degrees livermore, 55 in antioch. these numbers a few degrees warmer than where we started this morning so we will keep some of that heat that we're feeling this hour as we get into the overnight hours. 85 degrees in napa tomorrow. a beautiful day in sauce lee
on the east coast. we saw temperatures warm up a little more than yesterday. we had 92 in livermore, steve, our weather watcher in san jose, 87. numbers close to 90 but not quite in morgan hill. 63 in san francisco, oakland, temperatures should look very similar tomorrow that we saw today. down in 62 degrees now in oakland, 82 in livermore and san jose. that same case of ocean air which is good for the america's cup is also going to pull in some low clouds and some fog as the winds pick up, if you . have allergies, pollen is in the moderate range for the start of the week, and air quality, thanks to the breeze, is -- if you get the sea breeze as strong as it is right now, it mixes up the pollutants in the low range. tomorrow we'll wake up to areas of low clouds, maybe some drizzle in the bay and coast. short term temperatures are going to drop off a little bit as that sea breeze starts to pick back up as we head towards the work week. right now we're watching the low clouds kind of reassert themselves after they broke up some this afternoon. gorgeous sunshine around santa cruz. close to 80
into livermore. the full forecast is coming up. >>> he claimed his fourth successive gold medal for sailing in london and now he's here in the bay area preparing for his next challenge. >>> and the hot button campaign issue that got these women all riled up. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ ♪ i'm thinking sweet ♪ and i'm thinking new ♪ i'm thinking all these brilliant colors ♪ ♪ shining through ♪ i'm thinking sunshine ♪ i'm thinking sunshine ♪ i'm thinking [ whistles ] ♪ i'm thinking [ whistles ] [ female announcer ] 40 delicious flavors that feel as good as they taste. yoplait, it is so good! >>> medicare is driving the race to the white house, since paul rayian became th
there in livermore. 83 in livermore right now. those temperatures, about what we expect this time of the year. not horribly above average. warmer than we have seen. these are the highs from today. high temperature tomorrow, eclipse the inland temperatures by five degrees. we will see upper 90s, certainly. and i think you might even see or feel 100 as you head east of antioch. north of antioch. thursday, then, warmer. as we head towards friday, saturday, sunday, cooled down a little bit. not cold just cool down. the weekend will be nice. so, the fog forecast tomorrow morning. fog, a little patch of it showing up. but, for the most part, the fog is limited to the coastline. and that is going to allow the heat to come west. when the heat comes west, fog. clearing a little bit. getting a break. clearing. northwest winds takes the fog and pushes it away. the beach tends to be one of the better beaches this time of the year. ocean beach, they are get egg lot of fog in there as we -- tkpwegt a lot of fog in there. now, the forecast, a nice day. really nice. tomorrow is like today. hotter inland. no
inland, hot temperatures, livermore right now 99. concord 96 degrees. here is a look that highs from this afternoon. triple digits, concord, fairfield, antioch, livermore 103 degrees. morgan hill 101. hot temperatures in the forecast, coming up when the timing of the next cooling trend pushing in. >>> residents lined up to seek compensation from chevron from the health effects from the chevron richmond refinery fire. ktvu's cara liu is live where they are opening up a help center. >> reporter: this is being set up right now. a live look. this is where one of the adjustors will be set up. there is another one like it down the hall. these are the hours. and then this room right here is set up, 50 chairs inside for people as a waiting room. people are being asked to bring medical documentation if they have it. >> scary. >> reporter: she was at home two miles from the chevron richmond refinery fire. she is one of thousands who plan to file a claim. >> my thing is, not so much the money, the health issues later on. look at all the millions they are making and now they went up on the gas.
because of all the fog to keep things cool through the gate and by the coast. right now, 75 at livermore, still a warm evening inland. fairfield in the 60s. san jose, 65 degrees. san francisco, cooler in the mid-50s. now, for tomorrow, we are warming things up. san francisco, warmer. more sunshine, temperatures on the rise. where you see this number here, the second column, that's how much the temperatures are going to go up for tomorrow. so we are warmer just about everywhere. fremont, mid-80s. look for 90s at san jose and livermore to top out at the century mark for our monday afternoon. here's the satellite view. we have fog at the coast, lots of it. lots of sunshine over the bay area, over california, and these thunderstorms here flaring up in the sierra. these are going to continue for a few more days, each afternoon. so in the highcountry, lake tahoe, chance for showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday afternoon. here in the bay area, fog for tomorrow morning, but not quite as much as what we have seen this morning. look for just patchy fog inside the bay, some fog north bay va
white. how about 97 in livermore and currently looking outside it is the 580 pin 684 currently and dublin sporting 73 degrees and pleasanton and 75. livermore and 74 otherwise low 70's currently around the peninsula with redwood city. today's temperatures average to anywhere between five and 12 degrees above normal for this time of the year there we have in livermore 97 degrees it was 90 in redwood city up from the average high as 78 degrees high pressure that is firmly in place but were watching some tropical moisture to the south lifting up in a northerly direction you have to watch that because it had pledged a chance of thunderstorms in the monterey bay forecast by tonight and until then we're talking about how she saw that the coast of the horizon to the '50s and very mild evening to monetize coming down slightly a more robust seabury's out of the west '60's and '70's around a pencil lead down from that 90 degree mark. but still high eighties around to morgan hill and gilroy at tonight degrees east of the day bread with tracy and discovery bay otherwise 79 months to get to
into the '80s already in concord, 82 degrees in livermore and 75 in san jose but enough of a sea breeze to keep its images cooler in san fransisco at 64 degrees. a very strong dominant ridge of high pressure building in out of the desert southwest that will continue to keep these temperatures up and by the afternoon it will be hot. close to triple digits as we see many of these temperatures soaring. yesterday we had 80s and 90s and today we will be looking at 98 degrees in livermore and 97 degrees in concord and 70 degrees in san fransisco. triple digits on the way, how long will the last? we will talk about that coming up. >> the presidential election is 90 days away and a new cbs news poll shows a tight race in key battleground states. both candidates are on the campaign trail. danielle nottingham has the latest from washington d.c.. >> mitt romney took aim at the president's economic track record at a campaign stop in iowa. >> the president's policies have simply failed the american people in terms of getting people back to work with rising incomes. >> a new poll found voters in wisconsin, v
.com, twitter and facebook. >>> part of the major street in livermore will remain closed while police investigate a deadly motorcycle crash. neighbors heard the crash 12:35 a.m. and a police officer patrolling discovered the victim a few minutes later. police believe the motorcyclist lost control of his bike approaching portola avenue. a driver told officers the biker passed him going fast moments before the accident. that driver didn't see the crash. now, livermore police want to hear from anyone who might have witnessed it. >>> richmond police have identified a second suspect in sunday's fatal shooting of a high school football player. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. he was let out of prison last year under a law releasing low level inmates convicted of a domestic violence charge. he's wanted in connection with sunday night's shooting of the 16-year-old. the he was shot while walking with a friend on west mcdonald avenue. reports say the shooting may have been gang-related. the other suspect is 29 year antioch arrested sunday on a role violation. >>> lawyers
morning. right now, 63, san francisco, 66 oakland. 83, antioch. 79, livermore. clear skies. san jose, 73. here's a look at our highlights. keep it clear inland overnight. keep clouds in the coast and bay. more sunshine tomorrow. it will be a mild day. enjoy it because 100-degree heat will return wednesday, thursday, and friday. here's a look at the lows tonight. overdoing a little bit of the low loud cloudiness. we'll all be in the 50s. 53 overnight for san francisco. compare that to 59 for antioch. here's a look at how you'll start your day tomorrow. tomorrow morning, the overcast near the coast, 50 coastside. 58 inland, and then by 4:00 time, get ready for warmer temperatures with mid-to-low 60s coast side. low 90s inland and at 7:00, we'll show you the temperatures down into the 80s inland. talk about the upcoming week. bubble of hot air, it's migrating back to the bay area, by wednesday through friday, look for mild temperatures at the coast, but it is going to heat up inland. in fact, these are some projected highs as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. they may change a f
glaser with a look at the hot spots. >> leigh: check out the highs, fairfield, 105. 104 in livermore. 102, antioch. 98 in concord. you can clearly see even quite a bit of 100s up towards cloverdale, clear lakers 106. you can see the fog near the coast. that hopefully will start to work its way inland overnight, and at least the next couple of days, which means some heat relief, better air quality expected for inland locations as we head into next week. right now 102 in antioch. 62 in san francisco. 79 in mountain view. santa rosa, you're at 91 degrees. and live doppler 7 hd showing you some of the heat relief building near the coast. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and let you know when to expect the cooling. >> alan: if you are wondering why san francisco is so congested, it's because of the traffic at the outside lands music festival. sergio quintana is going to be working out to mel tallicca later this evening. >> they are taking a built of a break at the moment and they're setting up for the next big act, which is met tallicca in the next couple of hours. this is three days, and
evening to a 63 degrees in pacifica but it was 90 degrees and kill white. how about 97 in livermore and currently looking outside it is the 580 pin 684 currently and dublin sporting 73 degrees and pleasanton and 75. livermore and 74 otherwise low 70's currently around the peninsula with redwood city. today's temperatures average to anywhere between five and 12 degrees above normal for this time of the year there we have in livermore 97 degrees it was 90 in redwood city up from the average high as 78 degrees high pressure that is firmly in place but were watching some tropical moisture to the south lifting up in a northerly direction you have to watch that because it had pledged a chance of thunderstorms in the monterey bay forecast by tonight and until then we're talking about how she saw that the coast of the horizon to the '50s and very mild evening to monetize coming down slightly a more robust seabury's out of the west '60's and '70's around a pencil lead down from that 90 degree mark. but still high eighties around to morgan hill and gilroy at tonight degrees east of the day br
. tracking that summer sizzle and we have done it today. topping the 100-degree mark in livermore. 102 for you. 103 in gilroy. that's going to continue to make this air quality suffer for friday. spare the air day in effect. details on how long this heat lasts in just a few. >>> want to show you some breaking news. this is a live picture what you're looking at. it's a boat that got demasted. so the ghost card has managed to reach and rescue three people on the bay. they were on a sailboat near alcatraz. and then the mast literally collapsed. we don't know why. but it left three people stranded. luckily everyone's rattled but they're okay. the mast is just hanging there in the water as it gets pulled by the coast guard boat in front of it. that's on the bay near alcatraz. they're being brought in. i don't know what the weather conditions are right now in terms of water or how choppy the bay is. let's turn it over to jeff ranieri to find out. what are the conditions in the bay? >> we have a small craft advisory. anyone thinking about heading out into the ocean, there is a gale warning ov
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